If you have sent the form and / or you have made the bank transfer and we have not written you to the email, please write to the email Thank you!
SunTap Festival 2020

This year, different in many aspects, we have opted for a type of group registement ... that allows students to learn about the different styles of teachers and tap dancers ... you always learn from everyone and you get a special moment from everyone. Other festivals do it this way, and the result is excellent. Choose the group that you like the most and enjoy the classes. Thank you.

Hello, you can register by filling out the form below or by writing to the following email:

Thank you

  • Classes: group I or group II.
  • Levels: initiation, intermediate or advanced.

Extra activities to classes that can be enrolled:

  • Tap Jam Saturday night (8 euros).
  • Gala-Concert Sunday night (The link to the page will be sent to you in an email so that you can get your ticket).

Registration form

To complete your registration follow the following steps:

  1. Select the level (initiation, intermediate or advanced)
  2. Indicate the group that prefer you (I or II)
  3. Group I: Guillem, Laia, Lucas y Sharon
  4. Group II: Rubén, Roser, Iván y Sharon
  5. Finally, check the extras that interest you (optional).
Tap Jam Saturday night (8 euros)
Gala Sunday night

The student who wants tickets to the Gala must check this and the link to the page will be sent to you in an email so that you can get your ticket.

Dear students, we remind you that in order to formalize registration it is necessary to enter the amount selected with the concept 'Suntap 2021 + Name + Surname' in the following account number

Bank Account number

And Pay Attention! Those who do it before October 1, 2021 will benefit from a 10% discount.

In addition, for those schools that bring to the festival from 5 students, they will benefit from a discount of 10% with no deadline. Please, if this is your case, please indicate it in the 'Comments' section of our registration form. Thank you very much!

Both discount are independent, not cumulative.


We know that sometimes the plans suffer setbacks and therefore we have contemplated a series of deadlines for the possible return of the amount paid for those students who communicate it in the following dates to the organization of the festival.

  1. Until next October 1 (inclusive) can be reimbursed the amount paid by the student minus 30 euros that would remain the organization as expenses.
  2. From October 2 (inclusive) the registration fee will not be refunded, but if the student is interested in registering for the 2022 edition, the amount paid for the sixth edition of the Suntap will be saved.