Suntap is the celebration of tapdancing in the prism of light that is the South of Europe: bright, vibrant, full of color and with a unique artistic sensibility: the swell of endorphins and the collective joy that are released and expressed though incredibly satifying metal claps and taps.

The richness of the South of Spain lies in its’ history, a rich tapestry of cultures, which has converted Seville into an international metropolis and a very sought-after tourist destination. The art of tap dance similarly thrives on this beautiful balance between old and new: from Fred Astaire to Savion Glover, from the ballroom to the streets of New York City, it is both classic and modern, it is always evolving.

Andalusia, and specifically Seville, honors and celebrates it’s folkloric roots in flamenco, at the same time as it opens the doors to newer movements of corporeal expression and on many occasions, creates an unimaginably beautiful fusion between the two.

This years’ Suntap festival will be the very first tap dance festival in Andalucia! It offers participants and visitors the opportunity to savor the pleasures of Andalucía: its’ climate, culture and gastronomy, while taking master clases in tap dance,  culminating in a tap performance and jam.